Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Showing Some Love

Papercut Patterns
I came across this independent pattern company today, and had to share! The designers name is Katie Brown and she is based in New Zealand. Her patterns are very current and professional looking. I especially like the packaging, it's a very unique and interesting idea. To be honest, most of the designs aren't really my style, I'm more of a vintage 50s girl at heart, but this is the cutest jacket:

It's around $30 Canadian, including shipping. I imagine the price is on the high side because of the cost of the printing/packaging. That being said I'll likely get around to purchasing this in the near future. I like to show fellow designers love; it's kind of like a creative karma if you're into that sort of thing. Plus I want to touch the packaging! I spent a little while in a consult with another printing company in the city today and was feeling different paper weights and types, and different treatments such as varnishes and embossing. It's all very cool, and being a sewer I'm inclined to touch everything (fabric, buttons, trims) so it's neat that there is an aspect to graphic design that is similar in such a way. 

Anyhow, it is time for a much deserved date with my guy, some sushi,  and the Liz Taylor commemorative issue of Life!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There are about 2 months left in the Graphic Design program I'm taking. Next week we'll be designing "Grad Show Collateral" (the posters and invites for our Grad Show) and starting 3 weeks of guided independent studies, which means reworking previously worked on projects for our portfolios as well as taking on a new project or two. For me this means finally getting to design the packaging and directions for my sewing patterns! What does this mean in relation to the blog? It's going to be just as ignored as usual, although there is the possibility nothing will get posted on here until May. Could happen.

Now, I never imagined I ever would, but I made myself a twitter account yesterday. What does this mean in relation to the blog? Not much right now. But on the plus side, it will be so easy to post quick updates about the progress of my sewing patterns, and when they and the website will be launched. Doing this all by ones self is understandably a pretty hefty workload, and some of the things I've done so far include drafting the patterns, (there will be 4 available come launch time if you're wondering), preparing content, and making endless mind-maps and mood boards. I've also been busy creating a logo, scheduling a consult with the printers, and trying not to panic, among other things. I've only been panicking a little bit by the way. Starting your own business is kind of scary business, but it's exciting too. You get to see your dreams take shape into something real. I liked that about taking fashion design too; the whole process of your original sketch turning into a wearable garment. Fingers crossed these patterns will turn into wearable garments for home sewers!

*Note: The (hopefully realistic) goal is to have the website and 4 patterns done for July. Launching on July 1st would be really cool since that's also Canada Day...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

1930s Jacket; Mock-Up

Finally! Here is photographic evidence that I've been working on my 1930s jacket:
(Forgot all about taking a picture of the back though...Oops.)

As the fabric is bright orange, and that is a colour that doesn't play nice with my complexion, the jacket is modelled by Cecilia, who I received as a somewhat-late Christmas present. She is a 'Uniquely-You' dress-form and I absolutely love her! (Despite some of the headaches the fitting instructions caused.) She is my body double, although minus the paunchy little tummy. A size 4 cover was ordered for her, since you order that according to your bust  measurement... but that doesn't mean it'll be adequate for your hip measurement as I discovered when trying it on... somehow though, if you follow the directions for fitting they give you to a tee, it magically works itself out. Go figure.

And why, you may ask, is the dressform's name Cecilia? Because when our friend Tom was over during the holidays, the boys spent quite a few evenings at the local pub. I met with them the one night after work and they had decided to use pseudonyms, Tom was Scott (until he forgot he was supposed to be using an alias even though it was his idea to start with...) and my guy was Mark, and they had picked out "Cecilia Beckwith" for me... Oh.
 I can't remember if there was a reason why now. Probably there wasn't. Anyhow, since Cecilia is apparently my alter-ego, it seemed right to name my body double as such.

This post has been sitting around since last month believe it or not. That said,  I don't have a second muslin finished to post! This jacket sure is slow-going. Partly because for whatever reason when looking at the illustration on the pattern envelope it didn't occur to me that it has mitered corners... four of them... I hate sewing mitered corners! I never seem to clip them the right amount, so there is only one on the muslin that I'm actually happy with. Sewing the second muslin will give me some more practise before I get to the wool, but I still have this sense of foreboding.

Does anyone else have something they hate sewing? Maybe a shared dislike of mitered corners?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vintage Patterns, I Can't Quit You!

My vintage pattern addiction is acting up again... here are a few purchases I've received in the mail recently:

And another that is on its way:

Image from AuntNonniesNest

I couldn't resist it, and after thinking about it for the rest of the evening and then most of the next day, I finally caved and bought it. On the plus side, I've stuck with the stash-busting and haven't purchased any new fabric (but I need new-old patterns to sew all my current fabric stash up with, right? Right? ) and I finished the first muslin for my 1930s jacket the week before last and am on to the second. Slow going, but at least it's actually going!

And if you're curious, the blue gingham used as a background in my mediocre photos will eventually be made into this awesome western shirt:

Eventually is the key word...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hurry Up Season 5!

With it being sew-along season and all... did you guys know there is a Mad Men Sew-Along going on right now too? I only just found out the other day and am kind of sorry I missed it since I'm kind of Mad Men obsessed. I also came across that show purely by accident. I really love old movies, and will just watch them for the costumes if the plot isn't any good, so flipping through channels one day I came across Mad Men. It was the second episode where Betty has her first visit with the therapist. At the end of the episode the therapist calls Don at their house to fill him in on the session. I guess in the 60s when a spouse is paying for therapy there isn't such a thing as confidentiality? Anyhow, I'm sitting here thinking I must've come across a movie and was so disappointed when the show ended and I didn't know what happened next! Obviously between the drama and the costumes I was immediately hooked, like so many others :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Heart Sewing Art

This week and last have been super busy on the school front, and super stressful everywhere else. Currently in class we are working on our final projects for Design for Print, which is huge and all kinds of frustrating. I'm having difficultly in motivating myself to finish this one, so I took a time out yesterday (aka procrastinated), browsed Etsy, and decided that I would reward myself with some sewing related art if and when I finish said project. The first is from sunnybuick's shop:

And the second from kimillustration:

I love the attention to detail in this print! One of the best parts -in my opinion- are the pockets stuffed full of notions. Also it's got an animation (really verging on Disney's Sleeping Beauty, but less cutesy) feel to it, which I'm a sucker for. If I don't purchase either this time around, then I'm certainly buying at least one to celebrate the end of the Graphic Design Program in May. By then I'll surely feel as though I worked really hard and really do deserve a treat.

(Isn't it funny that it's so easy to justify buying fabric and much less so to justify treating yourself to something you wouldn't normally buy?)